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Awarded for
Best Technical Achievement
Best Visual Design
at the 2005 Machinima Film Festival!

Highly commended at the Gameshadow innovations in games festival 2006!

Showcased at numerous festivals around the globe.

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"We interrupt your program for a visual message
and maybe we even get to the point where you wouldn't want
to tune in again..."

What is this?

Person 2184 is a three part machinima series running inside the game unreal tournament 2004 from epicgames.
It shows queer happenings in an urban environment not very far from here and now.

Running inside the game means that you can download person2184 as a modification to your original game Unreal Tournament 2004 and play the movies in-engine in realtime on your computer.
The goal of the project is to give an idea of alternative art direction, content and story structure to interactive and non-interactive narrative.

It was my second personal machinima project and I created some tools within the Unreal environment to facilitate the setup, to make the films more stable and add new functionality. Especially for the second part - the photographer - where i implemented flocking and crowd simulation, a more robust camera system and first steps into Depth-of-Field simulation.
Especially the already fast turnaround times from idea to realisation (both movies took about a week from rough concept to finished movie) convinced me to start working on more intuitive tools and workflows for the last installment of the series. This work led into the overall concept of Moviesandbox, to make it possible to create movies and possibly interactive installations quickly and intuitively.

What should you download?

If you have a copy of Unreal Tournament 2004 installed on your computer, go ahead and download the "uMod Installer" or "ZIP Archive" Version of the movies to watch it in realtime on your machine. It's the best quality you can possibly get.
Unfortunately the movies make heavy use of the DirectX RenderToTexture function of the game, that should be implemented with the latest patch for the Mac/Linux system.
For those of you who do not have the game installed, please download the quicktime or wmv version of the movies. If there is no other way, you can go see the movies on my youtube Profile.


Music and Sound
Sebastian Zangar - Databoy '78

Sindy Stakelbeck
Ivana Kalc

Created by
Friedrich Kirschner -